Smart Homes

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At Mablestone, we value versatile living spaces that serve the needs of your growing family. We provide optional smart home upgrades to meet modern efficiency standards. A smart home has its devices interconnected through the internet and gives you on-demand access to control your lighting, home security, thermostat regulation and home theater and entertainment. 

What makes a Smart Home special?

See how smart homes can change your daily life

Smart Lighting

Your security system can send you a notification 

when anyone enters your home. It can show you who's at your front door, and let you talk to them through a video doorbell. You can see an HD video feed of your kids in the back yard while you're cooking dinner. It can also let you know if a window is open or door is left ajar.

Intercom System

Programming your lawn sprinklers to water your lawn at 5:30 am has never been easier with a smart system. You can control your other home's systems with just your voice. These include motorized shades and blinds, entertainment systems, lawn sprinklers, and lights. Voice-activated products for your home can be especially helpful for busy families.

The easiest way to upgrade your lighting is with smart bulbs. You can swap out the existing CFL or LED bulbs in your lamps and lighting fixtures with a Philips HueLifx MiniEufy Lumos LED or many other models. These smart bulbs allow you to control your lights with your phone or through Alexa or Google Assistant. Plus, you can schedule them to turn on at any time and dim them at will, even if you don't have a dimmer switch.

Home Security

A smart intercom system offers dramatically more features than a conventional intercom system and allows you to communicate with your family through voice-activated devices without having to do anything else. You can set up your entertainment by syncing your music to play through intercoms around your house. 

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